Light Attachments: Hard-Working Attachments

Sept. 28, 2010

Simultaneous Angle, Tilt

Caterpillar's dozer blades for its skid-steers and utility crawlers simultaneously angle and tilt. Six-way adjustability allows for quick rough grading and smooth finish grading, the company says. Two sizes are available: 79 and 92 inches. The blade can tilt as much as 10 degrees and angle to 30 degrees. Replaceable, three-piece, bolt-on, hardened cutting edge provides long life.

Sturdy Shear

At 1,450 pounds, Fecon's bunching shear for skid-steer loaders, small wheel loaders and excavators has an accumulative capacity of 350 square inches. The attachment can cut trees up to 14 inches in diameter. Heavy-duty cylinders with large cylinder rods provide faster cycle times.

High Power, Weight Ratio

Compact PB210 Penta Series hydraulic breaker has an impact energy class rating of 550 foot-pounds with a service weight of 440 pounds. According to manufacturer Atlas Copco, the breaker can be used on a broad range of small carriers and offer a hitting force comparable to larger models. With what the company calls state-of-the-art Krupp percussion technology, the PB210 can handle up to 15.9 gpm hydraulic flow at 2,030 psi, delivering 1,150 blows per minute.

Throws Snow Farther

Loegering's line of snow blowers is engineered to maximize capacity and throwing distance. Five models are available, including the newest LSB48. Intake widths range from 48 to 85 inches. Throwing distance ranges from 30 to 40 feet. All five snow blowers have chutes that rotate 210 degrees. An impeller design draws in only as much snow as it can throw, and a reversible auger and impeller design expels obstructions without requiring the operator to exit the loader. 

Quick-Change Angle Broom

The brush drive slips easily out of the core on Sweepster's QC angle broom. Users don't need to remove hydraulic lines from the wheel motors. The core is reversible, too, for even brush wear. A designed faceted hood provides maximum strength at the ends of the hood, says the company, where stress and damage occur. The broom can be matched with a wide range of prime movers, thanks to the availability of several hydraulic motor sizes in single- and dual-motor configurations. Available in 5-, 6-, 7- and 8-foot widths, all models have a 32-inch brush head.

Auger Balances Flow, Diameter

General Equipment's 671 Dig-R-Tach Series 16 balances smaller flow volumes in proportion to auger diameters for a cleaner hole with less loose soil and debris, the company says. The attachment uses a 2-inch hexagon auger drive system that is said to eliminate drive-shaft wear. Features include Pengo-type, cast-steel boring heads and forged teeth. Full-flighted auger extensions can be added. 

Works in Narrow Trench

Allied's Model 500 Ho-Pac delivers 30 percent more impact energy, says the company. It also has a longer base plate, a four-function valve, three motor options, and oil-splash bearing lubrication. Designed for mini-excavators, rubber-tired backhoes, and trenchers with backhoe attachment, the unit can compact 2- to 4-foot lifts. It operates with an impulse force of 3,940 pounds at 2,000 cycles per minute with a minimum gpm of 9, 14 or 18 from the carrier.

Clamp Bucket with Power

According to manufacturer Allied-Gator, its demolition claw can more than withstand the tractive force of the carrier machine. High clamping force provides speed and efficiency in scrap-handling applications. It's made of high-quality materials and includes a fully enclosed hydraulic cylinder. Proprietary two-pin installation and removal system makes it quick and easy to switch between bucket and claw, the company says. 

Concrete to Confined Spaces

Bobcat's concrete-pump attachment delivers concrete in places not easily reached, says the company. Either side of the pump attaches to the skid-steer. When hoses are connected, mix is fed into the hopper and pumped to the jobsite. Hoses can be routed through small openings, across rivers, around trees, and in various other conditions. Depending on concrete specifications, the pump can deliver up to 250 feet horizontally or up to two stories vertically. With a high-flow carrier, the pump can place up to 28 cubic yards per hour. 

Four-Way Indexible Blades

The Stanley LaBounty MSD7R Mobile Shear is ideal for applications that involve both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap yards and demolition applications where maneuvering into tight areas is required. The shear fits skid-steer loaders, mini-excavators and rubber-tired backhoe-loaders. Features include four-way indexible blades, replaceable wear parts for maintenance, 360-degree continuous rotation, and a severe-duty turntable bearing. The unit's design offers maximum cutting strength and reach with minimal weight. 

Improved Heavy-Duty Grader

Edge Grader from CEAttachments has been improved with a strengthened moldboard and improved tilt bearings. Operators can control the grader from the cab, changing settings with a push of a button. Large tires provide excellent flotation and increased maneuverability, the company says. Visibility is enhanced by the low-profile design, and the 8-foot unit can be used with most laser receivers. 

Improved Serviceability

With impact energies from 200 to 1,200 ft.-lbs., Huskie Hydraulic Series II breakers include models HH150-2 through HH1000-2. All hammers with impact energies to 8,000 ft.-lbs. feature a reduction in total parts for improved serviceability.

Skid-Steer Grader

Flannegan Western's FW Grader attachment for skid-steer loaders features wheels with hydraulic tilt and hydraulic steering to prevent sliding when the moldboard cuts at an angle. Moldboards range from 8 to 12 feet and are reinforced with a replaceable cutting edge. The blade moves up and down, angular adjustment and side shift — all done hydraulically. 

Multiplies Breakout Force

The Beak, from Daniel Mfg., has a crow-bar fork design that multiplies the breakout force of the skid-steer using it, the company says. A grapple jaw holds the load in place, eliminating the use of pallet forks and the need for sawing and drilling, according to the company. It hooks to the auxiliary hydraulic circuit using quick-disconnect fittings, and it doesn't require a hi-flow system.

Tiller Includes a Scarifier

Bradco's tiller features a scarifier that pre-cuts rough crust to improve tiller efficiency. Heavily ribbed front hood levels till as a leveling blade, and an offset hitch on 52 inches allows for a tight cut next to obstacles. High-torque chain system and large frame handles trash, and the chain can be easily adjusted, the company says. Dual rotation with bi-directional tines is standard. 

Screener Removes Soil Debris

The Harley self-loading 740 Mobile Screener clears soil of stones, roots and other debris. The tractor-powered unit is compact and maneuverable, says Glenmac. It can be used with the Harley Power Box Rake to pick up windrows, or as a complete one-step seedbed preparation tool. Soil debris moves through screens to a ½-cubic-yard hydraulically controlled ground-dump hopper. 

Bucket Works Like A Trencher

The Hi-Cap Multi-Ripper Bucket from Leading Edge Attachments is designed to fit any excavator or backhoe-loader above 11,000 pounds. The bucket works similarly to a trencher, but uses the backhoe's rolling action to rip. No two ripper teeth align with each other so that the maximum breakout force is applied sequentially to each tooth. The bucket scoops the ripped material to keep it from falling in the trench.

Versatile Broom Attachment

The SweepEx MegaPlus broom attachment series provides attachment hardware and accessories for skid-steer, forklift and three-point-hitch sweeper applications. Built with a quick-tach plate to fit most skid-steer loaders, the skid-steer sweeper features a hydraulic-angle mechanism and edge-marker kit. The forklift and three-point hitch sweeper also come standard with edge markers. The hydraulic angle is optional for both attachments. A two-year warranty covers the entire broom.

Lift-Arm for Skid-Steers

Sheyenne Tooling's Tele-Boom lift-arm accessory mounts quickly on most skid-steers and, with one hydraulic lever, extends from 8 feet 6 inches to 30 feet in combination with the vertical lift of the machine. Lifting capacity depends on the size of the loader and angle of the lift. Operators can move the boom in and out of tight quarters, under low doorways and into tight spots. 

High Breaking Energy, Low Weight

The Hammerhead II provides to 4,000 ft.-lbs. of breaking energy, yet can still attach to skid-steer loaders, says the company. It weighs 1,138 pounds and can be used in both a vertical and horizontal position. Because maximum breaking efficiency is obtained with an engine idle speed of 1,000 rpm, noise level is reduced. All breaking force is transferred to the impact rod through internal springs, minimizing stress to the host machinery. 

Pull-Type Grader

Hoelscher Commercial Products has added the GR Series of pull-type graders to its line of compact dirt-working equipment. It offers blade stability and gives the operator complete visibility of the cutting edge. Power tilt allows on-the-go adjustment of the moldboard for the desired grade profile. A three-point hitch maintains blade height. Optional spill guards on the ends of the moldboard are adjustable.

Flail Mulchers Clear Land

Miniforst is part of Brush Technology's range of flail mulchers available in 20 models and 57 widths. Miniforst is a medium-duty mulcher for material up to 5 inches in diameter. It can be fitted with either a swinging-hammer rotor or the new-generation fixed-knife rotor.

Slab Removal in Tight Areas

Kenco's Backhoe Slab Crab works on slabs to 8 inches thick. The unit allows one operator to extract and load slabs, and the bucket design keeps them secure, says the company. Custom bucket openings are available.

Provides Long Reach

PWCE's Extendable Dipper adds extra reach and digging depth to excavators and can be transported with the machine. The attachment fits both full-size and mini-excavators, as well as backhoe-loaders, and provides lighter-class machines with the reach of heavier machines. It installs easily, says the company.

Digs Holes 30 Inches Wide

The high-torque auger attachment for Dingo compact utility loaders provides a safe, fast alternative to traditional manual hole-digging methods, says Toro. With 1,500 pounds of torque, the auger power head digs large diameter holes in rough or rocky soil. It can be used with bits from 6 to 30 inches in diameter to create holes as deep as 5 feet.

Cuts and Mulches

The Timber Ax from Loftness/US Attachments features a rotor design, which consists of rigid, sharpened blades and an adjustable shear bar. The rotor and blade travel the opposite direction of the skid-steer ground wheel, allowing the attachment to lift material off the ground to improve cutting action, reduce horsepower requirements, and minimize knife wear. It cuts up to 6-inch trees at 40 horsepower.

Auger Backfiller Has Universal Hitch

Series 24 auger backfiller from Brown Bear has a universal skid-steer hitch and flat-face hydraulic couplers and fits most skid-steers with or without high-flow hydraulics. Remote hydraulic units require only 15 gpm flow at 2,000 psi. Six motor sizes allow custom fitting to hydraulic systems. The backfiller has optional hydraulic tilt in both directions and optional manual angle.

Cleans up Sites Better

RG-Series root grapples from Construction Attachments are made from abrasion-resistant, high-strength steel. In site-preparation applications, they aid in the removal of surface and sub-surface debris. Large grapple openings accommodate irregularly shaped objects and provide the clamping force needed for safe and quick loading, the company says. Tine spacing allows dirt to fall through. A slat kit can be added when a smaller opening is required to catch bricks and smaller rocks. Grapples are available in 66-, 73-, 78- and 84-inch widths.

Compacts Dirt, Drives Posts

Designed for mini-excavators and backhoe-loaders, the Vibratory Plate Compactor from Hudco is ideal for compacting dirt and driving metal sheet piling and metal/wood posts. The HC10 base plate measures 12×28 inches; the HC12 base plate measures 12×31 inches; and the HC15 base plate measures 16×36 inches. The largest of the four — the HC20 — has a base-plate size of 24×34 inches.

Land-Clearing Applications and More

Rockland SR skid-steer grapple rakes feature no-snag hose routing, cylinder guards, sealed pins and bushings at all pivot points, and a bolt-on rear hydraulic access cover. A reduced tooth angle provides easy loading. The grapple rakes are covered by a one-year, 2,000-hour warranty.