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Epiroc SmartROC D60 Update



Epiroc SmartROC D60 drills a hole.

The Epiroc SmartROC D60 down-the-hole (DTH) surface drill rig has been updated with an automation-ready platform. It features automated drilling and rod handling that increase safety, efficiency, and consistency for a lower total cost of ownership, according to the company.

The automation-ready platform also includes Auto Feed Fold, which enables the operator to fold the feed for tramming or position it for drilling.

Available with a shorter boom specially designed for quarry work, the D60 can drill holes of 4.6 to 7 inches in diameter and to a maximum depth of 182 feet.

The SmartROC D60 uses 79 gallons less hydraulic oil than previous versions and features fewer hoses and pumps. This helps to further reduce costs and makes servicing easier, while increasing sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of the rig.

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