Epiroc DM30 II Drill Rig

January 1, 2020
Epiroc DM30 II surface drill sits at a job site.

The Epiroc DM30 II drill rig is a crawler-mounted, hydraulic tophead-drive rig the can reach 28 feet deep for single-pass applications and up to 148 feet for multi-pass applications. It  features a 30-foot drill pipe change and a four-rod carousel. The DM30 II is now designed to handle 4- to 6 1/2-inch drill pipes with a pulldown of up to 30,000 lb.-ft. and a hole diameter of 5 1/2 to 7 7/8 inches.

Working width is 14.16 feet; transport width with ladders and non-cab side jack removed is 12.3 feet; and height with tower down is 15.4 feet.

Customers can choose a low- or high-pressure compressor to create the right configuration for their drilling operation. The DM Series drill rig can be equipped with on-board technology capabilities with the optional Epiroc Rig Control System (RCS) Lite for added safety and productivity.