Environment-Friendly Dust Control

Staff | September 28, 2010

Cypher International Ltd. has recently developed Dust Stop, a powder-form alternative to traditional dust control products. According to the Canadian company's release, Dust Stop is unique to the market because of the advantages it possesses over other methods — including its availability in powder form, its environmental characteristics (toxicology reports are available upon request) and its effectiveness.

In the past, controlling dust particulate emissions and some of the methods of chemical dust control products brought up human health, environmental, application procedure, effectiveness, and cost issues. The Dust Stop release states that the product was designed specifically for ease of application, longevity of results and to be non-toxic to the environment. The company claims that its product can perform better than any liquid dust control products, but due to the savings in weight, the powder form of the product offers significant savings in shipping, storage and handling.

Dust Stop purports to be formulated to be effective on a wide range of soil types and applications. In addition to dust prevention, other uses include soil stabilization, erosion control, landfill cover, hydroseeding, and other non-road applications. For more information on this new product, visit www.cypherltd.com.