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Enerpac Cordless Bar Cutter


Paving Equipment & Materials Production

Enerpac Cordless Bar Cutter

The Enerpac Cordless Bar Cutter is a battery-powered model designed for those who work in environments without access to on-site power.

It is a portable solution where external power is not available or where spark risk is a concern. Whether cutting rebar for residential or commercial construction or cutting steel and aluminum bars (whether round, hexagonal, or square) in industrial applications, its cordless technology provides freedom of movement. Another feature on the cutter is a 360-degree rotating head that offers two benefits: It allows the tool to be positioned flat on a work surface where metal bar can be fed through the blades from a comfortable working position, and it can be rotated in any orientation needed to finish hard-to-reach cuts on the job site, the company says. It also has two batteries and a charger so the operator can keep working when the first battery needs to be charged.

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