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Elliott Equipment 36127R Boom Truck


Boom Truck

Elliott Equipment 36127R Boom Truck

Rear-mounted 36127R 36-ton boom truck has a five-section boom that is 34 feet 5 inches retracted and 127 feet extended. An optional telescopic jib extends vertical reach to 186 feet. The crane has a 12,800-pound bare-drum pull two-speed planetary winch with a 9,060-pound single line pull and 425 feet of rotation-resistant wire rope. Mid span measures 14 feet 6 inches, and the full-span outrigger spread is 21 feet 2 inches. Elliott’s patented Ride-Around Control Console, giving operators a clear view of the load without the extra cost of a crane cab.

Elliott 36127R Boom Truck Specifications

  • Lifting capacity: 72,000 pounds
  • Boom length: 127 feet
  • Jib lengths: 32 feet, 49 feet
  • Max. vertical reach: 186 feet
  • GVRW: 86,000 pounds
  • Wheelbase: 286 inches
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