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Elliott 36142 Boom Truck

The 36142 telescopic boom truck has a 5-section, 142-foot main boom

November 21, 2016
Elliott 36142 telescopic boom truck has a 142-foot main boom

The 36142 telescopic boom truck has a 5-section, 142-foot main boom with optional two-section jib adding 32 to 49 feet. Maximum tip height is 201 feet, and the lifting rating is 36 tons at 5-foot load radius.

Other features:

  • Patented standup ride-around lower control console
  • 9,060 lb. single line pull winch with 12,800 lb. bare drum pull.
  • 21 ft 2 in span out-down outriggers with full and mid-span positions/charts
  • 600 lb capacity yoke-style pin-on work platform with hydraulic leveling system

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  • Elliott 45-ton boom truck has a five-section telescopic boom.

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