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Elliott 30105DT Telescoping Boom Crane

The 30-ton-capacity Elliott 30105T crane is packaged on a tracked carrier for off-road applications.

March 01, 2009

Packaged on a tracked carrier with an available enclosed operator’s station, the new 30-ton-capacity Elliott 30105DT is designed for off-road craning applications. The Elliott 30105DT crane and digger unit offers a main boom length of 105 feet, tip height of 115 feet and, with the radio-remote-controlled work platform, personnel working height up to 120 feet. Long-stroke outriggers are designed for greater ground penetration and stabilization, and a load moment indicator is included for safe boom operation. Elliott’s trademarked FrictionFree jib extension provides simple deployment and stowage of the 32 to 49-foot, two-piece jib.

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