Efficiency Production New Trench Shield Service

September 28, 2010

Efficiency Production, Inc. now offers a unique Trench Shield Repair & Recertification Service. The program aims to "repair & recertify" used or damaged trench shields by repairing the shield’s damaged components and then recertifying the shield with new OSHA compliant P.E. certified manufacturer’s tabulated data, including new depth ratings. This service will be available for other manufacturers’ trench shields, shoring, or support equipment like bedding boxes.

In addition to steel trench shields, Efficiency Production will refurbish all types of trench shielding, shoring, and support equipment including:

  • Slide Rail System components
  • Aluminum trench shields such as XLAP™
  • Aluminum modular Build-A-Box™ components
  • Corru-Lite™ (corrugated aluminum panel) shields
  • Hydraulic vertical shores, hydraulic walers, and hydraulic aluminum trench shields
  • Stone Mizer® bedding material container.