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eDaily: Vermeer Self-Propelled Grinder

March 14, 2008

With its newest horizontal grinder model, Vermeer has eliminated the need for additional support equipment to maneuver this large processing machine around land-clearing and composting jobsites. At the same time as driving the Vermeer HG4000TX, the 440-horsepower Cat C-13 diesel engine powers the duplex drum’s eight hammers and 16 cutters. The infeed table measures 14 feet by 50 inches, and a 48-inch wide single-discharge V-cleat belt transfers processed material from the belly to the loadout. The self-propelled HG4000TX can be controlled by a multifunction wireless remote that allows the operator to control functions from an operating distance up to 300 feet. Vermeer’s SmartGrind feature stops and reverses material from feeding into the hammermill when engine rpm drops below an efficient operating range.

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Vermeer’s Silver Series drill rod is composed of S135 common grade steel and is threaded in the same facility as the company’s Firestick drill rod with the same column wall thickness.

The CTX100 mini skid steer has a tipping capacity of 2,958 pounds and a rated operating capacity of 1,035 pounds.

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