eDaily: TransTech Model SDG Soil Density Gauge

September 28, 2010

TransTech Systems has announced its new Model SDG Soil Density Gauge. Similar to the company’s PQI Asphalt Density Gauge, the new device brings non-nuclear, impedance-based density and moisture measurements to soil applications. The SDG, says TransTech, is quick to set up, captures data in seconds and is suitable for soil compaction jobs, such as sub-bases, embankments, fills, foundations, dams, landfills and utility cuts. Unlike sand-cone or rubber-balloon tests, which can be time-consuming and are subject to yielding results that can be influenced by the operator, the SDG offers readings taken in seconds by any member of the staff, with minimal instruction. In addition, says the company, no outside lab or analysis service is required, because each earthmoving or utility crew can carry an SDG and perform tests without interfering with the compaction process.