eDaily: Kobelco SL6000 Crawler Crane

September 28, 2010

Using a Tier-3-compliant, 429-horsepower Hino diesel engine and six variable-displacement pumps, the new Kobelco SL6000 crawler crane, with a rated lift capacity of 600 tons, has three basic configurations: standard; heavy-lift (with an additional mast); and super-heavy lift (with an additional mast and 551,400 pounds of added palette counterweight). Each configuration uses a standard boom of 276 feet, the standard and heavy lift have a long boom of 354 feet, and the super-heavy lift can use a long boom of 413 feet. Each configuration also can accommodate a luffer option, using main booms of 197, 217 and 276 feet, respectively, and luffing jibs of 236, 236 and 276 feet, respectively. Designed for easy transport, the upper structure and the carbody can be separated via the machine’s Quick-Connection system into modules weighing 91,100 and 49,000 pounds, respectively. (With mast removed, the upper structure weighs 70,600 pounds.) Each fully assembled track assembly weighs 88,200 pounds, and the boom and jib can be nested for transport.