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eDaily: Hydro Mobile Mast-Climbing Work Platform

March 12, 2008

According to Hydro Mobile, its new E-Series mast-climbing work platforms use forward and back extensions and swivel bridges to achieve various configurations for adapting to the contours of most facades. Its compact drive unit, says Hydro Mobile, allows the new mast climber to fit in the most restricted locations. Once installed, the all-electric E-Series climbs continuously at a vertical speed of 21 feet per minute to heights of 250 feet and higher, with the push of a button. In single-mast configuration, the E-Series offers a maximum capacity of 5,700 pounds and a maximum length of 39 feet. Several units can also be linked together, and no special bridge is required to do so. In a twin-mast configuration, the E-Series can reach a length of 98 feet. The platform’s bridges provide a 5- to 7-foot-wide workspace with an extendable lower working area. Power outlets are available for hand tools. Training programs at Hydro Mobile University are proposed to new user.

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