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eDaily: Compact Power 700 Series Compact Utility Loaders

March 13, 2008

Compact Power’s new 700 Series compact utility loaders, models 726DT, 732DT and 749DT, are articulating loaders targeted for applications such as construction, landscaping, utility and rental. According to the company, the new models use diesel engines with operating capacities comparable to skid steer loaders. Specifically, the 726D uses a 26-horsepower Daihatsu engine, and the two larger models use Yanmar engines, rated at 32 and 49 horsepower. All of the 700 Series models feature a hydrostatic transmission, four-wheel drive and frame articulation. Designed with a telescopic boom, the new loaders provide approximate hinge pin heights of 105, 117 and 146 inches, respectively. With operating weights of 1,874, 2,271 and 3,440 pounds, respectively, the machines provide rated operating capacities (at 50 percent tip load) of 1,124, 1,488 and 2,260 pounds. Hydraulic flow rates range from 6.9 to 8.9 gpm, and pressure is set at 3,050 for all three.


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Compact Power's 700-Series includes three models, the 726DT, 732DT and 749DT. These new articulated-frame compact loaders feature a hydrostatic transmission, four-wheel drive and a telescopic loader arm.

Compact Power's newest model in the Boxer lineup, the 532DX mini-skid, has a rated operating capacity (ROC) of 1,050 pounds (735-pound ROC at 35 percent of tipping load) and features an integrated track system that retracts from a fully extended width of 43.5 inches, to a width of 35 inches.

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