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eDaily: Astec Double Barrel Green System

March 13, 2008

Astec says its Double Barrel Green System reduces the mixing and compaction temperatures of asphalt without sacrificing the quality of the pavement. The new system is considered a warm mix process. However, unlike other warm mix technologies, the process does not require the addition of expensive commercial additives, Astec says. Instead, water is injected into the mix along with the liquid asphalt cement. Water causes the liquid asphalt to foam and expand in volume, yielding a temperature that is about 50 F less than traditional hot mix asphalt.    

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Astec officially entered the concrete business in December 2008 with formation of its Concrete Products Group around modular applications of its twin-shaft mixer, a plant capable of producing low-slump and conventional concrete in a continuous process.

Adapted from Astec Underground's horizontal directional drills, a dual rack-and-pinion design drives the new EarthPro Geothermal 4550 drill rig.

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