Takeuchi TB395W Excavator Walk-Around

March 23, 2023
Takeuchi enters wheeled excavators

Takeuchi excavator product manager David Caldwell takes us on a tour of the TB395W wheeled excavator, which the company is bringing to North America later this year.

This is the first foray into wheeled excavators from the compact excavator, compact loader, and CTL manufacturer.

The TB395W features two four-wheel steering modes--4WS (all-wheel steering) and 4WSC (crab steering). A wide-range, longer stick arm allows for greater clearance between the bucket and dozer blade due to the arm mount position. As a result, operators of the TB395W can pull the bucket all the way to the dozer blade, which helps when working in narrow spaces or moving an obstacle out of the way. Auto Cruise enables operators to set and adjust their travel speeds by pressing a button or operating a toggle switch (on an optional, multifunction grip). Auto Cruise is ideal for attachments that require a consistent, repeatable travel speed, such as a mulcher, mower, or trencher.