Develon DX100W-7 Mini Wheeled Excavator

June 28, 2024
Unit has a maximum digging depth of 13 feet 11 inches.

The DX100W-7 Develon mini wheeled excavator is the company's first in North America. The 25,221-pound excavator has a maximum digging depth of 13 feet 11 inches, maximum dumping height of 20 feet 6 inches, and bucket breakout force of 13,173 pounds.

The Develon DX100W-7 is powered by a Develon D34 100.6-horsepower engine, with speeds up to 24 miles per hour. Three steering, power and work modes help operators customize their performance to move and work within confined spaces: Two-wheel mode provides agility and handling, four-wheel crab offers precision and maneuverability in tight spaces, and four-wheel round gives a tighter turning radius, increased traction and control on tough terrain.

(Watch a promotional video below.)

The reinforced articulated boom features an additional pivot point, which enhances the working range, lifting capacity and digging force.

The wheeled excavator has a 1.35-ton counterweight for improved digging and lifting performance. It also features a varied hydraulic capacity for hoisting and maneuvering heavy loads. The standard one-way/two-way switch lever provides hydraulic flow that is activated through the joystick, not the pedal. One-way hydraulic flow is ideal when using such attachments as hydraulic breakers and plate compactors, whereas two-way hydraulic flow is best when using hydraulic thumbs (clamps), rippers and grapples.

Double tires come standard on the DX100W-7. Also standard is the My Develon diagnostic maintenance platform, a high-illumination LED light system, around view monitor (AVM) camera system with a 270-degree view, and an overload warning device that warns operators when the excavator is approaching or exceeding its maximum load capacity.

The operator-based machine-settings allow for adjustment of telescoping tilt steering, as well as a control pattern switch that gives operators the ability to change between ISO and BHL patterns.

DX100W-7 Develon Mini Wheeled Excavator Specifications

  • Operating weight: 25,221 lb.
  • Dig depth: 13’11”
  • Dump height: 20’ 6”
  • Bucket breakout force: 13,173 lb.
  • Power: 100.6 hp