Gradall XL 4100 V Excavator

Nov. 1, 2017

The Gradall XL 4100 V wheeled excavator uses a single Tier 4-F Volvo Penta diesel engine to power both hydraulic working functions and travel functions. Maximum boom reach is 30.25 feet at grade, maximum dig depth is 20.25 feet, and loading height is 17.16 feet. Rated bucket force is 24,900 pounds. The excavator has a maximum on-highway travel speed of 60 mph and an on-site repositioning speed (from the upper cab) of up to 5 mph. Overall fuel efficiency is improved by up to 5 percent.

The hydraulic system on the Gradall XL4100 has pressure-compensated, load-sensing valves (with reliefs on all circuits), designed to allow the machine to use work attachments to take on a range of operations, including excavating, demolition, barrier placement, sloping, finishing, storm/canal cleanup, and tree trimming. Gradall Series V excavators also incorporate an upgraded, high-performance, 24-volt electrical system and an operator-cab safety option providing rollover protection that meets safety test requirements and is integrated within the existing cab structure, without external support.

Gradall XL 4100 Specifications

  • Engine: Volvo Penta TAD571 VE
  • Rated power: 153 hp
  • Weight: 49,694 lbs.
  • Boom Tilt: 220 deg. (continuous)