Mecalac AX1000 wheel loader

Oct. 17, 2023
The AX1000 has a straight tipping load of 9,038 pounds.

The 75-horsepower AX1000 Mecalac wheel loader has an operating weight of 11,927 pounds. Standard bucket is 1.3 cubic yards and lift capacity is 9,038 pounds. Straight tipping load is 9,038 pounds, and breakout force is 8,992 lb.-ft.

The AX1000 features a single boom arm designed to provide operator visibility to the left and right of the bucket. The articulated loader’s pivot joint is offset at a positive angle. As the machine articulates, the center of gravity is transferred to the rear, so it can re-level itself.

The ergonomically laid-out pilot controls condense multiple functions from the auxiliary hydraulics into one joystick. Operators can perform 90% of daily checks on the ground.

Mecalac AX1000 Wheel Loader Specifications

  • Operating weight: 11,927 lb.
  • Power: 75 hp
  • Standard bucket: 1.3 cu. yd.
  • Straight tipping load: 9,038 lb.
  • Lift capacity: 9,038 lb.