Mecalac MCL series wheel loaders

May 30, 2023
Operating weights range between 3,836 and 6,283 pounds.

Mecalac compact wheel loader lineup includes models MCL2, MCL4, MCL4+, MCL6, MCL6+, and MCL8. Loaders have 45-degree articulation and 10-degree oscillation. The MCL2 and MCL4 models have a 25-horsepower engine, and the MCL6 and MCL8 come with a 49-horsepower engine. Operating weights range between 3,836 and 6,283 pounds.

The M-Drive and speed control allow the loader to function as a tool carrier, providing control of rpm by hand throttle and speed via a foot pedal. Both come standard on the MCL6 and MCL8 loaders and are options for the MCL2 and MCL4 models.

The wheel loaders can be fitted with optional auxiliary hydraulic lines on the boom and at the rear of the machine enabling it to use attachments on either end of the machine. Hydaulic flow is 7.9 gpm on the MCL2 and MCL4 and 15.9 gpm on the MCL6 and MCL8 models.

The MCL4+ and MCL6+ models come standard with a short boom for greater tipping load, and the other four models come with a long boom for greater tipping height.