Hitachi ZW220-7 wheel loader

March 22, 2023
Approach speed control reduces fuel consumption
  The 4-cubic-yard Hitachi ZW220-7 wheelloader is available in both standard and high-lift arm configurations.

It features a 41,035-pound operating weight and is powered by a 210-horsepower Cummins engine. Power is transferred to the ground through a five-speed transmission and limited slip differentials for effective job site traction. Approach speed control, an auto power up function and a new payload weighing system are designed to raise productivity to new heights.

The approach speed control sets the desired speed the wheel loader will achieve as it approaches a loading point. The operator holds down the accelerator while lifting the load and the machine maintainsthe slower speed as it approaches the loading point. The operator taps the brake to bring the machine to a complete stop when it reaches the dump area. With approach speed control, the travel speed can be adjusted with fewer pedal operations during loading. This reduces operator fatigue and fuel consumption.

The auto power up function increases hill climbing performance. It identifies slopes and adds power to prevent the engine speed from dropping when traveling uphill.

New for the ZW220-7, a payload weighing system uploads information reporting productivity to the ConSite telematic system. Operators can check the weight of the load in the bucket from the inside cab monitor and log the material loaded. It offers four modestip-off to truck, tip-off to pile, auto-add, and manual-add. These modes allow the payload weighing system to manage loads according to their application.