Caterpillar 926, 930, 938 Wheel Loaders

March 12, 2023
Models replace the M Series

Models 926, 930, and 938 Caterpillar wheel loaders have been upgraded and replace their M Series predecessors. The loaders retain key specs but feature several new technologies.

Adaptive engine rpm automatically adjusts engine speed based on operator input to optimize productivity and minimize fuel burn. They are optimized and sized to run at a standard 1,200 to 1,500 rpm working range.

Four powertrain operating modes include Utility, Torque, Hystat, and Ice. Utility mode is designed for hydromechanical tool use or pick-and-place work with implement power and quick speed. It delivers fine ground speed control with engine rpm throttle lock. Torque mode saves up to 5 percent on fuel by “freewheeling” around corners and on downhills, according to the company. Hystat mode provides engine braking with aggressive deceleration, acceleration, and no travel until the throttle is applied. Ice mode if for snow-clearing applications, offering soft directional shifts and extended coast-out for improved control.

Auto wheel torque control automatically controls torque to the wheel and adjusts rimpull control to reduce tire spin. The wheel loaders feature standard front axle differential lock with optional limited rear slip differential. On the 926 and 930 loaders, the differential lock is simply controlled on-the-go by the operator with the joystick. The new 938 loader comes standard with automatic differential lock, as well as manual control.

The cab on the updated wheel loaders features smaller cab pillars, increased window area, heated and electric rearview mirrors with lower parabolic, and standard rearview camera. New options include a multiview camera delivering a bird’s-eye view around the loader, and rear object detection with visual and audible alarms.

Using Operator Profiles, up to 50 different operating profiles can be set, which the loader can recall when an operator starts the machine. The wheel loaders have two steering options: new force feedback joystick steer control and a low-effort steering wheel. The joystick steering allows the loaders to travel at speeds reaching 25 mph as a result of the force feedback feature that stiffens at higher speeds and softens as speed decreases.

Engine oil and filters and fuel filter service intervals increase to 1,000 hours. Full return filtration on the Hystat, implement, and steering systems keeps the hydraulic oil cleaner and improves system reliability.

Caterpillar 926M Loader Specifications

  • Operating weight: 28,193 lb.
  • Power: 168 hp
  • Bucket capacities: 2.5 to 6.5 cu. yd.

Cat 930M Loader Specifications

  • Operating weight: 31,382 lb.
  • Power: 168 hp
  • Bucket capacities: 2.7 to 6.5 cu. yd.

Cat 938M Loader Specifications

  • Operating weight: 35,778 lb.
  • Power: 188 hp
  • Bucket capacities: 3.2 to 6.5 cu. yd.