Caterpillar 950, 962 Wheel Loaders

March 13, 2023
Cat C7.1 engines deliver 249 and 269 horsepower, respectively

Models 950 and 962 Caterpillar wheel loaders have standard technologies as part of the next-generation upgrade. Cat C7.1 engines deliver 249 and 269 horsepower, respectively, and operating weights are 42,461 pounds and 44,469 pounds.

New application profiles give operators the ability to set customized profiles for customer-specific applications at the touch of a button to optimize loader settings for the job. Facilitating loader operation, selectable job aids allow operators of all experience levels to be more productive on the Cat 950 and Cat 962 wheel loaders.

Cat Payload with Assist displays weight data in real time, Autodig allows the operator to fully automate bucket loading, and Auto Set Tires promotes proper loading technique to significantly reduce tire slip and wear.

The consistently high bucket fill factors provided by new Autodig with Auto Set Tires delivers up to 10 percent more productivity compared to predecessor models, according to Caterpillar. Single clutch and lock-to-lock shifting of the 5-speed transmission offers faster acceleration and speed on grades. Front manual differential locks are standard, with optional automatic front and rear differential locks available,

Sound suppression, seals, and viscous cab mounting decrease noise levels and vibration feedback to the operator for a quieter and more comfortable work environment. A seat-mounted electrohydraulic joystick steering option replaces the HMU steering wheel to deliver low-arm-fatigue operation. New in-cab dashboard and high-resolution touch displays afford intuitive, user-friendly operation.

Standard rear-vision camera enhances visibility behind the loader, and all-around visibility is achieved through the cab’s floor-to-ceiling windshield and large mirrors with integrated spot mirrors.

Filter and fluid change intervals for the loaders have been extended, providing a reduction in costs of up to 30 percent, according to the company. Remote Troubleshoot helps to efficiently diagnose problems; Remote Flash pushes software updates to the machine in the background with installation initiated by the customer.

Cat 950 Wheel Loader Specifications

  • Power: 249 hp
  • Operating weight: 42,461 lb.
  • Full turn static tipping load: 26,369 lb.
  • Breakout force: 40,690 lb.-ft.
  • Maximum lift hinge-pin height: 13 ft. 1 in.

Cat 962 Wheel Loader Specifications

  • Power: 269 hp
  • Operating weight: 44,469 lb.
  • Full turn static tipping load: 27,529 lb.
  • Breakout force: 42,489 lb.-ft.
  • Maximum lift hinge-pin height: 13 ft. 10 in.