Deere 184, 204, 304 G Tier Wheel Loaders

Aug. 23, 2022
Deere 184 G tier is a new model

Model 184 G Tier is a new Deere wheel loader, and models 204 and 304 are G Tier versions of the Deere 204L and 304L compact wheel loaders.

The company defines Deere G Tier versions as “practically equipped and economical.”

The G Tier models come standard with limited slip differential, which automatically engages if one wheel loses traction, providing enhanced safety for the operator and the machine. Optional ride-control reduces spillage from the bucket when traveling over rough terrain, reducing job site clean-up, and improving ride quality for the operator and can also be set to engage and disengage at certain speeds.

Operating stations are available in both a canopy or enclosed-cab configuration. The redesigned enclosed cab features a frameless, fully glass door, floor-to-ceiling front windshield, and remounted machine display, providing a clear line of sight to machine surroundings. The right-side full glass window also swings out 180 degrees to further enhance overall visibility for the operator. Additional features include an adjustable steering column, slip-resistant steps, and an optional LED lighting package.

All G Tier models offer ground-level service and increased capacity fuel tanks to help simplify daily maintenance. The cooling package minimizes contamination from debris build-up, optimizing efficiency and reducing cleanout time compared to L Series loaders.

The new 0.9-cubic-yard bucket pairs with the 184 G Tier and 204 G Tier wheel loaders and can be attached to either a Quik-Tatch or hook-style coupler.

The travel speed of the 304 G-tier has increased to 18.6 mph from 12 mph on the 304L model. The 304 G-tier offers improved operator visibility and overall machine stability, compared to the L Series. The 304 G Tier has an available Attachment Assist Package, including Proportional Mini-Joystick 3rd Function Control with Detent, Combined Creep Control & Throttle Lock, and Integrated Electrical Attachment Controls.

Deere 184 G Tier Wheel Loader Specs

  • Operating weight: 10,670 lb.
  • Power: 43.6 hp @ 2,200 rpm
  • Bucket capacity: 0.76 - 0.92 cu.yd.

Deere 204 G Tier Wheel Loader Specs

  • Operating weight: 11,541 lb.
  • Power: 62.3 hp @ 2,200 rpm
  • Bucket capacity: 0.86 - 1.05 cu.yd.

Deere 304 G Tier Wheel Loader Specs

  • Operating weight: 13,294 lb.
  • Power: 71.6 hp at 2,200 rpm
  • Bucket capacity: 1.18 - 1.44 cu.yd.)