Komatsu WA480-8 Wheel Loader

Oct. 14, 2021

The 299-horsepower WA480-8 Komatsu wheel loader has operating weights ranging from 57,232 to 61,311 pounds.

Buckets range from 6 to 7.2 cubic yards. The curved side edges of the Komatsu-designed, 7.2-cubic-yard bucket are built to minimize spillage, and the internal space and shape provides smooth material flow. The long bucket jaw and decreased strike plane angle helps deliver easy fill and low resistance during pile penetration. The integrated load meter system in the cab lets operators see how much material is in the bucket.

The WA480-8 wheel loader has an air-cooled braking system that enhances higher cooling efficiency. Stable cooling performance under high-duty cycle operation helps to reduce the risk of the oil overheating and in severe test conditions, this cooling system demonstrated a 56 to 58 degree Fahrenheit better cooling effect. A sensor on the electric drive pump measures the axle temperature and activates only when needed.

Komatsu WA480-8 Specs

  • Horsepower: 299 HP @ 2,000 rpm
  • Operating weight: 57,232 - 61,311 lb.
  • Bucket capacity: 6.0 - 7.2 cubic yards




Sept. 7, 2011