John Deere 444L, 644L, 724L Wheel Loaders

March 14, 2020

John Deere 444L, 644L, 644L Hybrid, and 724L wheel loaders have redesigned Z-Bar loader linkage. Three models have greater horsepower ratings than the K Series predecessors: 644L at 249 horsepower, 644L Hybrid at 231, and the 724L wheel loader at 268 horsepower. The 444L runs at 124 horsepower.

Operating weights for the lineup are 25,814 to 27,670 pounds for the 444L; 41,571 to 43,430 pounds for the 644L; 41,571 to 43,430 pounds for the 644L Hybrid; and 43,707 to 45,103 pounds for the 724L.

The redesigned Z-Bar linkage provides improved visibility to the front attachment and near parallel lift, which is now 8 degrees. A change from K Series models, this improves load leveling throughout the lift cycle, according to Deere. The 724L hinge pin height on the standard Z-Bar was enhanced by 3 inches compared to the K Series, increasing clearance.

Deere's promotional video is here:

Cabs on the wheel loaders have increased functional storage and an improved HVAC system. Two cab options, standard and premium, include three more inches of room between the pedals and the seat compared to K Series models.

The single-lever hydraulic joystick control with an ergonomically designed grip is equipped with a standard forward-neutral-reverse switch as well as two multifunction buttons that can be programmed to control any of 10 different functions selected in the monitor.

The wheel loaders have electro-hydraulic (EH) functionality, which enables the operator to select how abrupt the bucket or boom stops. They can also adjust hydraulic flow percentage using the monitor for specific attachments. The bucket vibrate feature aids when dumping or sprinkling loose material, and the EH precision mode allows for fine metering when placing pipe or heavy objects. The operator is able to store specific settings for up to 10 different attachments in the monitor. In addition, the new constant auxiliary flow function allows the operator to continuously run attachments without having to hold a lever or roller.