Kawasaki-KCM 95Z7XT, 115Z7XT Wheel Loader Configurations

Nov. 3, 2015

Models 95Z7XT and 115Z7XT are “2-Pass” configurations of the company’s 95Z7 and 115Z7 wheel loaders. Bucket sizes have increased, with the 95Z7XT bucket moving from 7.3 cubic yards to 9. The 115Z7XT bucket size increased from 8.3 cubic yards to 9.15.

Components enhancements include boom arms that are shorter, thicker and stronger to keep the center of gravity closer to the base and not stress the front-end hydraulics and components, the company says. The bucket hydraulic cylinder bore is larger, the chassis has been reinforced to handle the additional torque and weight load, and the counterweight has increased. Breakout force is increased 26 percent in the 95Z7XT compared to the standard 95Z7, and is 6 percent greater in the 115Z7XT compared to the standard unit.

The 95Z7XT tipping load is 10 percent greater than the standard 95Z7, and the 115Z7XT is 15 percent greater than the standard 115Z7.