Titan Machinery Monitors Machine Data to Keep Projects Productive

Aug. 15, 2019

Tasman Geosciences allows its dealer, Titan Machinery, visibility into its Case SiteWatch telematics program so that Titan can proactively address service issues for the earthmoving division, according to a job story published by Case Construction Equipment.

The newly created division exists within the company’s construction group, and works on remediation services through excavation. Derek Palmer, operations manager, leads the division. Tasman typically operates on sites where attention to detail and precision lead to speed and productivity, according to Case.

Case says the joint monitoring of machine data will keep all Case equipment properly maintained and maximize uptime for Tasman. Case produced a video highlighting Tasman’s equipment usage.

"With our new equipment, they actually let us know when it's time for service," Palmer says in the video. "They come out to our location, service it up, and we're back up and running."

“Titan has always responded really quick with any needs we have,” Palmer said in the story. “We have a lot of things that aren’t planned for in our scope of work, it’s constantly changing, and Titan has always kept us at the front end of everything to where they do everything in their power to keep us on schedule and keep us running.”

The telematics services is one of the biggest things we deal with every day,” he said. “It could factor in massive losses or it can help with huge gains. The more we run the equipment is the more money we make, so Titan’s remote link to keep an eye on the machines works great for us.”

SiteWatch telematics is offered at no cost to Tasman as part of Case ProCare, which includes a three-year, 3,000-hour full-machine factory warranty; three-year, 3,000-hour planned maintenance contract; and a three-year Advanced Case SiteWatch telematics subscription.

Source: Case Construction Equipment