Brand Leads the Way for Wheel Loader Buyers

Sept. 25, 2015

According to Buying File, the largest-selling segment of the wheel loader market last year was the 100-to-200-horsepower size class. These machines are used across all vocations and tend to stay in fleets for a long time. With a variety of attachments available, they can perform any number of functions within a fleet.

Top 5 Wheel Loader Purchase Factors

  1. Brand
  2. Purchase price
  3. Dealer/distributor
  4. Ease of service
  5. Bucket breakout force

Among the respondents to our survey, two-thirds of fleets do not rent this size of wheel loader, opting to buy or lease instead.

Construction Equipment sent email invitations to select members of our audience who buy, specify or influence purchases of wheel loaders. We asked about purchase preferences and maintenance considerations. We then delved a bit further to determine how asset-management strategies are being applied to this machine. For more on the state of the wheel loader market, turn to our Buying File.