Volvo 3-Pass Rehandler L180H Wheel Loader Walk-Around

April 1, 2024
Loader features longer boom and rehandling counterweight.

Eric Yeomans, Volvo Construction Equipment product manager—wheel loaders, takes us on a tour of the modified 3-Pass Rehandler version of the Volvo L180H making its debut at this year’s World of Asphalt.

The loader has larger 875/65 R29 tires, a long boom, and a rehandling counterweight, all of which give the loader a higher tipping load, better fuel efficiency, and longer reach to fill a truck in three passes.

The long boom brings an additional 675 lb.-ft. in breakout force and an additional 2 feet of dump clearance. The longer reach also allows the operator to stay farther from the truck while still dumping material into the center of it.

Volvo L180H 3-Pass Rehandler Specifications

  • Operating weight: 66,712 lb.
  • Gross power: 334 hp
  • Rehandling bucket: 7.2 cu.yd.
  • Dump clearance: 11’ 9”
  • Hinge pin height: 16’ 4”
  • Max bucket load: 18,365 lb.
  • Static tipping load, straight: 44,820 lb.
  • Breakout force: 49,008 lb.-ft.