Develon DL200TC-7, DL250TC-7 Tool Carriers

Feb. 21, 2023
Replaces Dash 5 versions

The DL200TC-7 and DL250TC-7 Develon tool carriers replace Dash 5 versions. The wheel loaders have operating weights of 26,868 and 31,350 pounds, respectively, and power ratings of 142 and 172 horsepower, respectively. Develon is the new brand for Doosan.

The Develon tool carriers have a parallel-lift linkage system that keeps the attachment level and provides visibility down the center. A hydraulic quick coupler is available as an option.

The DL200TC-7 and DL250TC-7 feature improvements such as increased glass area, full glass door, large mirrors, and optional LED work lights. A standard rearview camera provides an additional view of the machine’s surroundings and appears on the 8-inch Smart Touch display inside the cab.

The hydrostatic transmission in the DL200TC-7 tool carrier delivers more power, better fuel efficiency, and improved precision compared to its Dash 5 predecessor. It features dynamic braking, automatically slowing when the operator removes their foot from the travel control pedal by reducing the flow of oil. Speed management allows operators to adjust maximum travel speed independently from engine speed.

The Develon tool carriers have stronger, larger axles than the Dash 5 versions, and an optional additional counterweight is available. The new models also feature wider radiator fin spacing and a standard reversible fan that clears dust, dirt, and other large debris to help prevent clogging.

A high-lift configuration is available for the two tool carriers, which provides an additional 18 inches of dump height.

Develon DL200TC-7 Tool Carrier Specifications

  • Power: 142 hp
  • Operating weight: 26,868 lb.
  • Bucket capacity: 2.6 cu. yd.
  • Dump height: 8 ft. 10 in.
  • Breakout force: 20,682 lb.

Develon DL250TC-7 Tool Carrier Specifications

  • Power: 172 hp
  • Operating weight: 31,350 lb.
  • Bucket capacity: 3.1 cu. yd.
  • Dump height: 8 ft. 9 in.
  • Breakout force: 20,231 lb.