Toro Ultra Buggy electric site dumper

Jan. 26, 2023
Ultra Buggy runs for eight continuous hours.

Ultra Buggy electric Toro site dumper is powered by the HyperCell battery system, which is optimized to deliver up to eight hours of continuous runtime, according to the company.

An on-board charger plugs into a standard 120v wall outlet and fully charges the machine in up to eight hours.

The unit measures 31.5 inches wide and can fit through a three-foot door with a crash bar. It features zero-turn-radius steering, and a fold-up platform allows operators to stand on or walk behind the dumper.

The site dumper can carry up to 14 cubic feet or 2,500 pounds, and mounted directional and dump switches ensure continuous movement while operating the machine.

The polyethylene tub is 3/8 inch thick, and a steel tub is available as an option.