Dynapac CA1400 soil compactor

March 6, 2020

The Dynapac CA1400 soil compactor is a vibratory roller with compact dimensions and

designed for compacting all types of supporting and reinforcement courses used in such applications as street repair, parking lots, pipe trenches, and building sites—and works well even on very steep slopes, says Dynapac. The padfoot (PD) version, equipped with pads and drum drive, is especially suitable for the compaction of silt and clay soils, says the company. The PD version can be equipped with a leveling blade, and the smooth-drum (D) version can be fitted with a padfoot shell kit.

Compaction width is 66 inches and static linear load is 112 pli (pounds per linear inch.),

providing the capacity to compact sand and gravel down to 20 inches, says the company. The PD version is designed to compact silt and clay at a depth of 18 inches. Two amplitudes, high (0.067 inch) and low (0.032 inch), increase the machine’s versatility, says Dynapac.

The CA1400 uses a Kubota Tier 4-Final engine rated at 75 horsepower and equipped with an ECO mode. The engine is transversally mounted and provides ready access to service and check points at ground level. The operator’s station features a standard roll over protection structure, and working lights allow night operation. The vibration-insulated platform reduces body and hand/arm stress, says Dynapac.

The new roller also features high-flotation tires, differential lock, and drum drive for positive traction, both forward and reverse. The machine’s dual speed capability allows high travel speeds, and if the levelling blade is mounted, all controls operate with the top button on the F/R lever. Safety features include a back-up alarm, battery-disconnect switch, and an interlock system. The parking brake is separate from the F/R lever to prevent unintentional release of the brake. The engine hood can be locked to cover all fill points.