John Deere 3812 ADT-drawn scraper

April 28, 2023
The company's first ADT-drawn scraper

The 3812 is the first ADT-drawn scraper to enter the John Deere lineup and features scraper controls that fully integrate with the 460 P-Tier ADT.

Once the ADT is in scraper mode, the ADT and scraper pan are integrated as one seamless machine. Meanwhile, the ADT automatically optimizes engine torque curves and differential locks and selects a maximum cut gear to maintain momentum and boost productivity, the company says. Further integration includes scraper brakes, Deere-encoded cylinders, a scraper pro package that enables push-button sequencing, additional cameras, and scraper position and productivity feedback to the operator through a high-resolution display. The hitch and platform design allow conversion between an ADT with a dump bin or pulling a scraper.