K-Tec 1263 Pull Scraper Is Its Largest

Sept. 2, 2015

The 1263 ADT pull scraper has a heaped capacity of 63 cubic yards and a tare weight of 61,000 pounds. It is designed to be paired with an articulated dump truck (ADT) at 40 tons or greater.

The scraper’s hitch system transfers 32 percent of the load weight directly to the point where the truck is designed to carry weight, according to the company. A digital display screen located in the cab presents operating details, load count productivity, and service information.

The K-Tec 1263 ADT hauls 9 more cubic yards than its predecessor, the 1254 ADT, due to a 15.25-foot-long bucket and larger gate belly to contain more material.

See the promotional video below.