John Deere 1612DE, 2010DE, 2014DE, 2412DE Ejector Scrapers

April 15, 2015

John Deere is updating its ejector-scraper line with two- and four-wheel tire options. Models 1612DE, 2010DE, 2014DE, and 2412DE have larger capacities, lower operating costs, faster cycle times, and have extended warranties.

Two tire options on the 2010DE and 2412DE models permit higher productivity and less wear in harsh conditions. The two wheels also allow quicker cycle times with less rolling resistance and drag, says Deere, resulting in reduced costs per cubic yard.

The scraper systems also use less-complicated hitching and attachment options, including an integrated push block, Quik Attach Hitch, and spill guard. A single, 60-mm hitch pin on all scrapers is designed to reduce complexity.

The new John Deere D Series scrapers also feature a 12- month warranty and the company’s Ultimate Uptime product-support package featuring John Deere WorkSight. With Ultimate Uptime, machine owners receive pre-delivery and follow-up inspections, and the ability to add additional dealer-provided uptime solutions to customize the package to individual needs.