PHIL Introduces New Positive Seal Tailgate

April 4, 2019

Philippi-Hagenbuch has released a new version of its Autogate Tailgate for off-highway trucks that require a 100-percent positive seal. The design incorporates a fluidic seal material to create a watertight seal that keeps liquid materials within an off-highway truck body.

The tailgate can be designed for any size off-highway truck. Paired with PHIL’s outrigger, the scissor-style mechanism provides a maximum opening clearance at full dump. In the closed position, the new design locks into place and will not open without the body or container entering “dump” mode.

According to the company, the new design builds up the rearmost portion of the truck body or container to create a cohesive flange from which the tailgate compresses.

A three-year warranty is standard when installed with PHIL Installation Supervision Assistance or at their Peoria, Illinois, factory.

Source: PHIL