Develon's First CTL Comes to North America

July 10, 2024
The company's first entry into the North American market has an ROC @ 35% of 3,807 lb.

Model DTL35 Develon compact track loader has a 115.3-horsepower D34 engine and a rated operating capacity (35%) of 3,807 pounds. The DTL35 is Develon’s first CTL marketed in North America.

Operating weight is 12,785 pounds for the vertical lift CTL. At maximum lift, height to hinge pin is 10 feet 9 inches, clearance is 8 feet 1 inch, and reach is 3 feet 10 inches. The loader is self-leveling, so attachments remain level as they are raised and lowered.

Two rubber track patterns are available, and both include a wide and narrow version. A wide multi-bar track comes standard, while a block pattern is optional.

Ride control enhances stability for the bucket and minimizes spillage when the CTL operates in rough terrain. The auto return to dig automatically returns the arms to the lowered position, saving operators time while delivering a more consistent digging depth.

Other features include standard 2-speed travel, reversible fan, and rearview camera. An optional around view monitor camera system with ultrasonic proximity sensors displays a 270-degree view.

Develon DTL35 Compact Track Loader Specifications

  • Rated operating capacity (35%): 3,807 lb.
  • Power: 115.3 hp @ 2,400 rpm
  • Operating weight: 12,785 lb.
  • Height to hinge pin: 10’ 9”
  • Maximum auxiliary hydraulic flow: 22 gpm