Deere P Tier Small Loaders

June 10, 2024
Models include 330 and 334 skid steers and 331, 333, and 335 CTLs.

P Tier Deere skid steer and compact track loaders include models 330 and 334 P Tier skid steer loaders and 331, 333, and 335 P Tier compact track loaders. Deere P Tier models are the company’s mid-range tier with more features than the G Tier but less than the X Tier.

The new John Deere loaders have a redesigned one-piece cab that is sealed, pressurized, and isolated from the frame to help improve operator comfort and productivity. An 8-inch premium touchscreen display interface is standard on the 334 and 335 P-Tier and an option on the other models. Onboard Grade Indicate is standard on the new touchscreen display. This feature displays the cross-slope and main-fall of the machine in either degrees or percent and allows operators to use a relative benchmark to assist in maintaining a desired grade.

The units have a premium heated and ventilated seat. Optimized joystick controllers enable more tasks to be completed with easy-to-reach and adjustable controls that offer personalized setup. The 25 Button SSM puts all functions in one spot, eliminates rocker switches, and makes it easier to quickly make machine adjustments while operating.

The cab tilts up in one piece, giving ground-level, all around access to the engine, drivetrain, and undercarriage. A single operator or technician can raise the boom and enable the mechanical lock out from within the cab.

Available technology on P Tier

The 333 and 335 P-Tier CTLs can be equipped with SmartGrade Ready including 2D grade control or 3D SmartGrade with Topcon.

Attachment Manager is standard on the 334 and 335 models, and available as an upgrade on the 330, 331, and 333 P Tier machines. Attachment Manager determines optimal attachment performance parameters by enabling preprogrammed flow and pressure for John Deere attachments. From displaying the key attachment parameters on the screen while running to being able to save or select performance parameters depending on the tool, this new feature helps increase operator confidence and productivity, and helps prevent damage to the attachment correlated to incorrect machine settings during usage.

Surround View technology stitches together views from around the machine to provide a birds-eye-view image to the operator to assist with increasing situational awareness and giving more confidence to operators to navigate job sites. When reversing, the display will automatically switch to the rearview camera. Surround View dynamically integrates two boom mounted cameras in addition to a rear camera onto a dedicated monitor that provides a 270-degree view of the sides and rear of the machine.

Deere 330 P Tier Skid Steer Specifications

  • Tipping load: 5,900 lb.
  • Operating weight: 9,930 lb.
  • Power: 98 hp @ 2,500 rpm

Deere 334 P Tier Skid Steer Specifications

  • Tipping load: 8,000 lb.
  • Operating weight: 10,264 lb.
  • Power: 118 hp @ 2,500 rpm

Deere 331 P Tier CTL Specifications

  • Rated operating capacity, 35%: 3,150 lb.
  • Operating weight: 11,914 lb.
  • Power: 98 hp @ 2,500 rpm

Deere 333 P Tier CTL Specifications

  • Rated operating capacity, 35%: 3,850 lb.
  • Operating weight: 12,183 lb.
  • Power: 108.5 hp @ 2,500 rpm

Deere 335 P Tier CTL Specifications

  • Rated operating capacity, 35%: 4,025 lb.
  • Operating weight: 12,300 lb.
  • Power: 118 hp @ 2,500 rpm