Epiroc SmartROC T30 R Surface Drill

April 24, 2024
Rig has 19 kW of drilling power.

SmartROC T30 R Epiroc surface drill is equipped with the Rig Control System (RCS) for remote operation. 

RCS includes an automated rod handling system that allows adding drill rods manually or automatically to reach the desired hole depth. The RCS also enables access to the Hole Navigation System (HNS), which reduces the amount of explosives and improves fuel efficiency, according to the manufacturer.

The drill rig has 19 kW of drilling power. It a 45/45 boomswing and a 5.7 boom system giving it a coverage area of 24 square meters. A rotation unit provides 360 degrees of feed swing and a boom geometry that enables it to drill right next to the machine.

A low center of gravity, steel crawler tracks with wide spacing, and the boom system with good maneuverability allows the rig to handle a variety of terrain.