Volvo L30, L35 Wheel Loaders

April 23, 2024
Boom-and-bucket option aids precision for operators.

Models L30 and L35 Volvo compact wheel loaders have operating weights of 12,125 and 13,448 pounds, respectively. Bucket capacities for the 74-horsepower loaders are 1.3 cubic yards on the L30 and 1.6 cubic yards on the L35.

An advanced boom kick-out and bucket leveler option has been added to the loaders, with boundary limits that can automatically lift and tilt the bucket to pre-programmed positions. The option gives experienced operators precise repetitive movement and less experienced operators the ability to load quickly, according to the company.

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An electro-hydraulic main control valve enhances the flow sharing among the hydraulic functions. The adjustable boom and tilt function (optional), allows the operator to set the flow of these functions using the jog wheel and display. This enables customized flows for specialty buckets or attachments. Independent hydraulic pumps provide simultaneous lifting and steering at speed.

The loaders now have an eight-pin harness on the boom, which can be activated by a button on the joystick. This allows a wider range of attachments to be used without installing additional wiring.

Additional sensors monitor engine and cooling performance, and the operator is informed of deviations in machine behavior.

Volvo L30 Wheel Loader Specifications

  • Operating weight: 12,125 lb.
  • Power: 74 hp
  • Bucket capacity: 1.3 cu. yd.
  • Tipping load: 8,488 lb.
  • Breakout force: 13,713 lb.-ft.
  • Lift height: 13’ 10”
  • Dump height: 8’ 5”

Volvo L35 Wheel Loader Specifications

  • Operating weight: 13,448 lb.
  • Power: 74 hp
  • Bucket capacity: 1.6 cu. yd.
  • Tipping load: 9,590 lb.
  • Breakout force: 13,601 lb.-ft.
  • Lift height: 14’ 2”
  • Dump height: 8’ 9”