Toro Dingo TX1000 Turbo Compact Track Loader

Feb. 27, 2024
The 24.7-horsepower Yanmar engine is turbo-charged.

The Dingo TX 1000 Turbo compact track loader has been upgraded with a turbo-powered diesel engine and Smart Power. The vertical-lift loader has the same key specifications as the Dingo TX 1000: a rated operating capacity of 1,000 pounds and a maximum hinge pin height of 81 inches.

The 24.7 horsepower Yanmar engine delivers up to 4.1 mph ground speeds in both forward and reverse. A single diesel fuel tank holds 10.25 gallons on the operator’s left-hand side, and the hydraulic oil reservoir is on the operator’s right-hand side.

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Smart Power is a patent-pending feature that maximizes engine, auxiliary, and traction torque. It has a larger hydraulic filter than on the TX 1000, the same as that used on the Dingo TX 1300, for longer maintenance intervals and less down time.

The Turbo is available as a narrow- or wide-track model. The narrow-track CTL has an operating weight of 2,826 pounds with a standard track with “B” style tread. The wide-track version weights 2,911 pounds with a less aggressive tread pattern.

Operators will feel confident knowing the new Dingo TX 1000 TURBO has the Toro-exclusive patented traction control design. Deemed the smoothest controls in the market, these controls are intuitive and effortless, providing operators with all-day productivity. Other operator-centric features have been carried over, including thigh and hip padding on the operator station for a comfortable experience and an auxiliary foot control on the suspended platform which frees the operator’s hands to focus on ground speed and attachment positioning.

Dingo TX1000 Turbo Compact Loader Specifications

  • Operating weight: 2,826 lb.
  • Rated operating capacity: 1,000 lb.
  • Power: 24.7 hp
  • Hinge pin height: 81 in.