Hamm VC Soil Compactor Crushes Rock, Stone

Feb. 16, 2024
VC compactor has an operating weight of 53,000 pounds.

Model HC 250i C VC Hamm compactor crushes and compacts mixed soils, stones such as basalt and granite, and other materials of comparable pressure resistance. The 53,515-pound VC (vibration crusher) soil compactor has reinforced components around the front frame, three-point articulation, and the underbody.

The drum measures 84.3 inches wide with a diameter of 67.3 inches. The roller has a reinforced drum drive capable of inclines up to 60%. Heavy-duty tires are standard to handle rocky terrain.

A newly designed tool holder system is compatible with round-shank cutting tools for stone, as well as wear-resistant heavy-duty cutting tools with carbide tips and hard facing for abrasive stone or hard stone. Assembly and removal require no specialist tools.

Hamm HC 250i C VC Compactor Specifications

  • Operating weight: 53,515 lb.
  • Drum width: 84.3 in.
  • Drum diameter: 67.3 in.
  • Turning radius, inside: 193.1 in.