Yanmar V7 Compact Wheel Loader

Dec. 5, 2023
Yanmar compact wheel loader weighs 9,370 pounds.

The 47.6-horsepower V7 Yanmar wheel loader fills the gap between its 39-horsepower V4-7 and 62-horsepower V8. The V7 compact wheel loader has an operating weight of 9,370 pounds and has a bucket capacity of 0.92 cubic yards. Lifting capacity is 7,981 pounds.

The Yanmar wheel loader has 40 degrees of articulation and 10 degrees of oscillation. The articulation oscillation joint allow oscillation in the center of the wheel loader instead of the rear to maximize ground contact with all four wheels. Travel speed is 18.6 mph.

The enclosed cab configuration features two steel frame doors and a standard front sun blind to reduce glare. The high-backed seat is heated and includes ergonomic armrests and mechanical suspension. It has a highly visible, fully integrated, and removable rotating beacon. A canopy cab is also available.

Creep mode allows for precise attachment control while Automatic Ride Control with Limited Slip Differential improves convenience and efficiency. Operators can easily access relevant machine information and options via a color display.

The loader has hydraulic quick couplers and parallel kinematics, which keeps material level as the load is raised and lowered.

Yanmar V7 Wheel Loader Specifications

  • Power: 47.6 hp
  • Operating weight: 9,370 lb.
  • Tipping load, straight: 6,636 lb.
  • Bucket capacity: 0.92 cu. yd.
  • Lifting capacity: 7,981
  • Breakout force: 9,217 lb.
  • Dump clearance: 8 ft. 2 in.