Caterpillar Moves Small Loaders to Next Gen Platform

May 4, 2022

Models 906, 907, and 908 Cat wheel loaders have been upgraded from M Series to Next Gen, including a reengineered operator’s station and flexibility in how users specify the small Caterpillar loaders. The wheel loaders are powered by Cat C2.8 diesel engines delivering the same 74 horsepower as the previous models, but with 13 percent more torque.

The cab is sealed and pressurized, has single-piece front and rear windshields with 60 percent better wiper coverage, and optional parabolic lens electric and heated mirrors. Controls are seat mounted, and a multifunctional joystick controls travel direction and speed, proportional auxiliary flow, differential lock, and constant hydraulic flow.

In-cab-programmable kickouts with high-definition rotary sensors mounted to the loader arms protect operators from shock and vibration due to buckets striking the ground or hitting dump stops at max height. Cylinder snubbing is also enabled.

The Next Generation control monitor allows the operator to configure hydrostatic transmission response, auto engine idle shutdown, and a utility powertrain mode that provides operators with a more intuitive means of controlling ground and engine speed.

Standard pressure compensated valve allows operators to simultaneously control implements and operate hydromechanical attachments. Although hydraulic flow remains the same as on predecessor models, working auxiliary pressures have been increased.

Users have the flexibility to specify the wheel loader with various levels of features and technology. If more options are desired after purchase, the company has some 100 kits available for dealer installation. Some up-spec kits can be installed by the user.

Mirrors, LED lighting, reversing fan, various technology, and a skid steer coupler are some of the options available with the wheel loaders.   

Cat 906 Specs

  • Engine: Cat C2.8
  • Power: 74 hp
  • Operating weight: 12,628 lb.
  • Bucket capacity: 1.24 cu. yd.

Cat 907 Specs

  • Engine: Cat C2.8
  • Power: 74 hp
  • Operating weight: 12,765 lb.
  • Bucket capacity: 1.37 cu. yd.

Cat 908 Specs

  • Engine: Cat C2.8
  • Power: 74 hp
  • Operating weight: 14,617 lb.
  • Bucket capacity: 1.5 cu. yd.