Cat 988K XE Wheel Loader Updates

Dec. 16, 2021

Caterpillar has updated its 988K XE electric-drive wheel loader. The 588-horsepower loader has an operating weight of 116,362 pounds.

The Caterpillar wheel loader offers a rated payload of 12.5 tons when working with face material and 16 tons with loose material. A range of buckets provide capacities from 6.2 to 17 cubic yards. The loader provides three-pass loading of the Cat 770G haul truck and four-pass loading of the Cat 772G.

Its high-lift configuration delivers five-pass loading of the Cat 773G and six-pass loading of the Cat 775G.

The switch reluctance electric drive technology of the 988K XE increases overall efficiency by 25 percent and face-loading application efficiency by up to 49 percent compared to the 988K.

A new steering and integrated control (STIC) valve offer up to 47 percent quieter operation, and the system delivers precise machine control with minimal arm movements. Modulating the left pedal from 100 percent to 25 percent, the new rimpull control system (RSC) reduces the potential for wheel slippage without reducing hydraulic efficiency. The loader’s new positive flow control (PFC) hydraulic system increases efficiency, bucket feel, and responsiveness to deliver consistent performance.

Enhancements include a new Go-Pedal that features three dynamic breaking levels to give operators easier single right-hand pedal operation. Standard Tire Slip Prevention reduces tire slip and wear to increase tire life and lower owning costs.

The loader has optional Cat Autodig and Auto Set Tires. Lift stall prevention technology automatically manages rimpull in-dig to prevent hydraulic stall while lifting through the face.

Optional Cat Operator Coaching helps increase machine efficiency and delivers up to 15 percent faster cycle times and 10 percent better bucket fill factors, according to Cat. Among other procedures, it shows how to properly shorten travel, avoid unracking in-dig, enter the pile with a level bucket, reduce the dump height, and use the kickout. The coaching feedback also results in up to 15 percent less fuel consumption.

Cat 988K XE Specs

  • Engine: Cat C18
  • Gross power: 588 hp
  • Operating Weight: 116,362 lb.
  • Rated payload, standard face / loose: 12.5 / 16 tons
  • Bucket capacity range: 6.2-17 cu. yd.
  • Dump clearance: 11.9 ft.