Case SV215E, SV217E Vibratory Rollers

Nov. 22, 2021

The SV215E and SV217E Case compactors are 154-horsepower single-drum vibratory rollers. Operating weights are 33,420 and 36,500 pounds respectively, with centrifugal forces up to 73,063 and 74,861 pounds.

ACEforce intelligent compaction technology can be used with the compactors.

The rollers have an axle-free design that the company says provides constant power to the wheels and drum with an electronic self-adjusting torque control system.

The oscillating articulated roller joint maintains consistent drum-to-ground contact, and an updated drum design reduces drift and maintains constant compaction throughout each rotation. Standard dual frequencies and amplitudes, along with standard auto vibration control, let the operator set compaction performance.

Available in both cab and open ROPS configurations, the operator environment has an adjustable seat that swivels up to 80 degrees. The axle-free design also allows the engine to sit lower in the machine, which further improves visibility to the rear with a low, sloped rear hood. 

All primary machine information and controls are found in an LED display integrated within the steering wheel of the machine. The display features three core interfaces dedicated to operation and performance, machine information, and on-board diagnostics.

The compactors have groundline serviceability with a manual-lift hood that provides access at ground level to all fluid ports, drains, service checkpoints, and filters. The cab can be tilted forward for access to all primary hydraulic components of the machine.

Case SV215E Roller Specs

  • Operating weight: 33,420 lb.
  • Centrifugal force: Up to 73,063
  • Power: 154 hp

Case SV217E Roller Specs

  • Operating weight: 36,500 lb.
  • Centrifugal force: Up to 74,861
  • Power: 154 hp