Caterpillar 120 GC Motor Grader

Nov. 10, 2021

The 120 GC Caterpillar motor grader reduces owning costs by up to 20 percent compared to the standard version Cat 120 motor grader. In addition to a lower acquisition price, the Cat 120 GC has lower fuel consumption.

Adapting engine power and torque to application demands, the Caterpillar motor grader features electronic throttle control. Engine power ranges are matched for the standard rear-wheel drive and optional all-wheel drive, and standard Eco mode operation increases fuel economy up to 5 percent. The hydraulic cooling fan, with optional reversing fan for high debris applications, only runs when necessary to further reduce fuel consumption.

Built with long-life machine structures, the 120 GC’s standard drawbar circle moldboard offers durability with hardened circle teeth and replaceable wear inserts protecting main component structures. This design stays factory tight to provide long-term precision grading, while the circle drive slip clutch option protects the drawbar, circle and moldboard from potential damage if the machine strikes an immovable object. Easy to maintain, the available Circle Saver option reduces daily greasing requirements and repairs to the circle and pinion. The grader’s new front axle design maximizes bearing life to minimize maintenance.

Machine width is 7.9 feet and transport height is 10.25 feet with either a standard or low-profile cab. Seat options include mechanical or air suspension, and the control console and steering wheel adjusts to the operator’s preference.

Cat 120 GC Grader Specs

  • Operating weight: 35,494 lb.
  • Power: 171 hp
  • Moldboard width: 12 ft