Caterpillar 340 Demolition Excavator

Nov. 10, 2021
Cat excavator can reach up to eight-floor structures for demolition.

Model 340 UHD ultra-high demolition Cat excavator has a 13-percent higher pin height than the predecessor and can reach up to eight-floor structures.

The 122,400-pound demolition excavator has a pin height at stick nose of 82 feet and can dig to 24 feet 3 inches.

The hydraulically actuated variable-gauge undercarriage extends to 13 feet 4 inches and retracts to 9 feet 10 inches with 24-inch track shoes for transport. A one-piece cradle design—compared to two-piece on the 340F UHD—reduces boom transportation height to less than 9 feet 10 inches.

Sticks can be configured with Cat couplers, and two UHD front options are available. The 72-foot-2-inch front offers a maximum 8,160-pound weight at stick pin and maximum horizontal reach of 44 feet 5 inches at stick nose over the front and side of the machine. The 82-foot front can work with up to 7,280 pounds at stick pin, and has 43 feet 9 inches maximum reach at stick nose over the front and side of the machine.

Hydraulic boom lines on the Caterpillar excavator are quickly connected/disconnected by hand and without special tools, allowing the UHD front to be switched to the Retrofit boom in a matter of minutes. Contractors can choose between one- or two-piece boom options for high-productivity truck loading or low-level demolition work. Three stick options are available at lengths of 9 feet 2 inches, 10 feet 6 inches, and 12 feet 10 inches. Standard Cat Payload provides on-the-go weighing and real-time estimates of the payload.

Rated at 311 horsepower, the Cat C9.3B engine runs on either diesel or biodiesel fuel up to B20. Three engine power modes—Power, Smart and Eco—match the machine to job needs to significantly lower fuel consumption over the 340F UHD. Smart mode automatically matches engine and hydraulic power requirements, providing maximum power output when needed and reducing power on less demanding tasks to save fuel. A new high-efficiency hydraulic reversing fan cools the engine on demand to also help reduce fuel consumption.

The width of the new premium heated and cooled seat has been increased by 5 percent over previous designs. Left-hand tilt-up console helps to improve ingress/egress up to 45 percent. Operators can program machine operating settings, including the joystick button controls, and the system stores each setting, based on the operator ID.

Cat 340 UHD Demolition Excavator Specs

  • Power: 311 horsepower
  • Engine: Cat C9.3B
  • Operating weight: 122,400 lb.
  • Max weight at stick nose: 7,289
  • Max pin height at stick nose: 82 feet