LiuGong 9027F Mini Excavator

Oct. 6, 2021

The 9027F LiuGong mini excavator is a zero tail-swing unit with a maximum dig depth of 9 feet 4 inches. The 6,063-pound LiuGong excavator is powered by a 20.4-horsepower Yanmar diesel engine.

The excavator has a more efficient load-sensing hydraulic system than its predecessor, giving it improved fuel consumption and breakout force. Maximum pump flow rate is 23.8 gpm with a maximum pressure of 3,133 psi. Bucket breakout force is 4,496 lb.-ft.

The standard hydraulic thumb can be engaged from the operator’s monitor. Hydraulic control for travel, boom swing, arm, and bucket machine functions are engaged through travel pedals and joysticks.

The 9027F excavator is compatible with third-party aftermarket technologies such as grade control and telematics.

The LiuGong excavator comes with either a climate-controlled cab or open canopy tip-over protection (TOPS).

LiuGong 9027F Specs

  • Operating weight with cab: 6,063 lb.
  • Power: 20.4 hp
  • Max dig depth: 9 ft. 4 in.
  • Max dump height: 10 ft. 1 in.
  • Max pump flow rate: 23.8 gpm
  • Max pressure: 3,133 psi
  • Standard bucket capacity: 0.065 yd3
  • Bucket breakout force: 4,496 lb.-ft.
  • Arm digging force: 2,698 lb.-ft.